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Dog Seizures

Seeing a dog have a seizure is scary.

There is a period of time before a dog has a seizure that you may take note of altered behavior in which a dog may hide, appear nervous, or seek out the owner. It’s as if the dog senses that something is about to occur. This may last a few seconds or a few hours. During this time, your dog may be restless, whining, shaking, or salivating.

The seizure itself can last anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes. During a seizure, the dog may lose consciousness or may just have a change in mental awareness. They may also experience hallucinations in which they are snapping at invisible objects.

If a grand mal seizure occurs, in which the dog loses consciousness, the dog usually falls over on it’s side and paddles its legs while seeming to be otherwise paralyzed. Urination, defecation, and salivation may also occur.

If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, it is said to be a medical emergency and emergency animal care should be sought right away.

After your dog has experienced a seizure, they may be confused, disoriented, salivate, pace, be restless, or even experience temporary blindness.

If your dog is experiencing a seizure, do not stick your fingers near its mouth. Contrary to popular belief, a dog can not swallow its tongue, and it only increases your chance of being bitten.

Keep the dog from falling or hurting itself by knocking objects on to itself and call your Veterinarian or pet doctor.

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