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Blood Transfusions

Animal Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusion (including transfusion of blood products, like plasma) is a critically important service that can mean the difference between life and death for dogs, cats, or other pets. In our continuing efforts to offer the highest quality medicine to all of our patients, we are pleased to offer animal blood transfusion services supervised by our expert health care team.

What can a blood transfusion do for my animal?

Blood transfusions have many uses and can be critical, lifesaving procedures. Blood loss that occurs suddenly due to trauma may require an emergency transfusion to save your pets life. However, not all blood transfusion situations are related to injury. Pets with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, animals having surgery, pets with advanced kidney or liver disease, cats with feline leukemia, and pets with bleeding or clotting disorders are some examples of other patients that may require transfusion with blood or blood products.

Administering a pet transfusion safely requires a highly skilled and experienced staff.

Fortunately, Stow Falls Pet Clinic’s health care team is experienced in all aspects of transfusion medicine, including safe harvesting of blood from donor animals, crossmatching blood types, selecting the appropriate blood product for an animal, monitoring for complications such as transfusion reactions, and continuing to provide expert critical care to your pet during and after transfusion.

Our transfusion service allows us to provide blood and blood products for veterinary patients’ medical, surgical, or emergency needs. All blood is carefully screened for safety, handled carefully to help ensure delivery of healthy cells, and administered by experienced professionals. Our staff has been extensively trained and will handle your pet with care and compassion.